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VxComm(Virtual Comm)

Introduction :
"VxComm" stands for "Virtual Communications Ports".
The VxComm Driver creates COM port(s) and maps them to the Ethernet port(s) of the 7188E/8000E. The user's RS-232 client programs need only to change to the different COM port to get the access of serial devices that are allocated in the Internet or Ethernet network via the 7188E/8000E


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  Server-Option (PC side) settings.
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Connection-broken detection (Win    NT/2K/XP/NET).
Auto-reconnect mechanism (Win    NT, 2K/XP/2003).
Connection-broken and Keep-alive    time adjustment.
Selectable TCP port number.


  Device information display and setting.
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Displays 7188E/8000E device    information.
IP address, Subnet-mask and    Gateway remote setting using TCP.
MAC address remote setting using    TCP.


 Remote configures serial ports using TCP.
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 Easy-use TCP/COM port sending/receiving tool.
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Introduction :
    Supports Windows 95/98 and ME operating systems.
    Supports Dual-CPU computer with Windows NT/2K/XP/2003.
    Supports I-7188E/8000E series Programmable Device Server.
    Supports importing/exporting VxComm Driver configuration.
    Programmable configuration using DLL function calls.
    Easy-use virtual COM mapping utility.